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  Terms & Conditions of Hire

Operating Conditions/limitations

  • Itchenor Boat Hire, the owner, reserves the right not to hire a boat to any person whom it considers is unsuitable to operate the boat in question.
  • Previous experience in handling the type of boat being hired is considered necessary.
  • Boats can only be hired to members of the public aged 18 years or over.
  • All hirers will be subject to an assessment prior to handover to check that Itchenor Boat Hire considers the hirer suitably competent to be placed in charge of the self-drive boat and that the appointed competent person remains in charge so long as the hire shall last. (Assessment and handover for first time hirers takes approximately half an hour.)
  • The hirer shall not assign this agreement, sub-let the boat or part with control of the boat (without the consent in writing of Itchenor Boat Hire which consent may be on such terms as Itchenor Boat Hire thinks fit.)
  • The stated carrying capacity of the boat must not be exceeded. A child of one year of age is counted as one person. It is not considered advisable to take babies on the boats, as suitable lifejackets are not available.
  • Any incident, damage to boat or equipment or mechanical problems must be reported at once to Itchenor Boat Hire 01243 513345 or 07784 029291
  • Boats are not to be taken beyond the limits of Chichester Harbour as shown on the chartlet supplied. The hirer will automatically forfeit the security deposit of £500.00 if the hire boat is taken beyond the harbour limits. The hire vessels are not to be operated in wind strengths above Force 5 anywhere within the harbour. The dory 13’s are limited to category B waters to the east of Cobnor Point if the wind strength is Force 5. The hirer will take particular care when using the boat in areas indicated on the map, which can dry out at low tide.
  • The hirer will use the boat in the manner which is consistent with the rules of navigation and shall at all times take into consideration other users of Chichester Harbour whether in boats or not.
  • The boats are only to be used during full daylight hours. The hire boats are not licensed, equipped or insured for use during or after dusk.
  • Delivery; At the beginning of the charter Itchenor Boat Hire’s agent shall deliver the boat to the hirer and the hirer shall take over the boat in good, clean condition throughout and ready for service with a full tank of fuel, enabling the hirer to use the boat.
  • Redelivery: The hirer will redeliver the boat to Itchenor Boat Hire on the agreed date at the agreed time at Itchenor free of any debts incurred for the hirers account during the charter period and in as good a condition as when handed over except for fair wear and tear arising from ordinary use.
  • The boats are to be moored at night on designated Chichester Harbour moorings only.
  • The boat shall be used for pleasure purposes or means of water transport for the use of the hirer and his/her guests.
  • Itchenor Boat Hire excludes the use of water sports equipment and excludes liability to and of all divers and their equipment.
  • The boat shall not exceed speed of 8 knots under any circumstances.
  • The boat will not be raced, speed tested, beached or used as a ferry. The hirers shall ensure that the behaviour of himself and his guests shall not cause a nuisance to any person or bring Itchenor Boat Hire boat or the company into disrepute.
  • The hirer shall comply and shall ensure his guests comply with the laws and regulations and by-laws applicable to Chichester Harbour
  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that safety equipment is used correctly at all times by all persons aboard, in particular Life Jackets must be worn at all times.


  • Itchenor Boat Hire accepts no liability for injury to or death of the hirer or any passenger during the course of the hire.
  • The hirer shall take care of and assume full responsibility for the safety, security and maintenance of the boat and its equipment at all times including periods when the boat is left unattended.
  • Itchenor Boat Hire accepts no liability for any loss or damage to the hirers or passenger's personal effects, property or equipment. The hirer shall be responsible for carrying insurance for all personal effects whilst on board or ashore and for medical or accident expenses incurred other than as covered under the boats insurance. Cancellation and curtailment insurance is not included in this agreement.
  • The hirer uses the boat and engine at their own risk and Itchenor Boat Hire accepts no liability for any damage or loss as a result of any mechanical failure or breakdown of the boat and equipment.
  • Itchenor Boat Hire reserves the right to publish photographs of customers using the vessels as part of advertising the business.


  • Itchenor Boat Hire insures the boat against all customary risks for a boat of her size and type. Extended to provide permission to hire and to cover third party liability together with liabilities arising from the use by the hirer. The hirer shall be entitled to the benefit of Itchenor Boat Hire’s insurance and subject to excess amounts stipulated on the relevant policy. £500 excess in all cases. The underwater gear (e.g. gearbox and propeller) shall not be insured by Itchenor Boat Hire and the hirer shall be liable for any damage sustained.
  • In the case of an incident with a third party, it is entirely at the discretion of Itchenor Boat Hire, whether to settle a claim through insurance or otherwise.
  • In the case of damage to a third party, the hirer is liable for up to £500 towards damages, at the discretion of Itchenor Boat hire, regardless of whether Itchenor Boat Hire chooses to settle the claim through insurance or otherwise.
  • Itchenor Boat hire has the sole right to choose, in the best interest of the business, how to resolve an incident with a third party.


  • The hirer agrees to hire the boat and shall pay a deposit of 25% of charter fee on completion of booking form, leave a Security Deposit of up to £500 with Itchenor Boat hire and any other agreed charges in cleared funds.
  • Hirers will be liable up to the first £500.00 of damage or loss to any boat or equipment.
  • A weekly rate is charged for 5, 6 or 7 days and can only include one weekend or part weekend.
  • Extra days will be charged at 1/5th the weekly rate weekdays only.
  • No refund can be made for loss of hire time due to breakdown or weather conditions.
  • The hirer will be responsible for extra hire and late delivery fees if for any reason the boat is late in being returned on the agreed date at the agreed time, which encroaches on the next booking. The only reasonable exception will be if such lateness is caused by failure of the motor or boat that Itchenor Boat Hire has failed to resolve.
  • The Charter Deposit fee will only be refunded if Itchenor Boat Hire receives notice of cancellation in writing 1 week prior to the on hire date.
  • The Security Deposit shall be held by Itchenor Boat Hire and may be used in or towards discharging any liability that the hirer may incur under any provisions of this agreement but to the extent that it is not so used. The security deposit shall within 7 days of the end of the charter period or the settlement of all outstanding questions whichever is later be refunded to the hirer without interest.
  • Under normal circumstances the hirer shall only be liable for such costs or losses as may be incurred repairing damage caused by the hirer or his guests (intentionally or otherwise) to the boat or any third party up the excess (deductible) on Itchenor Boat Hire insurance policy for each separate accident or occurrence. The hirer may be liable for a sum greater than the excess (deductible) on any one accident or occurrence if the hirer or any of his guests acted in such a manner (intentionally or otherwise) as to void, or limit or increase the premium under Itchenor Boat Hires insurance.
  • If Itchenor Boat Hire is obliged to clean or tidy the boat as a result of failure of the hirer to comply with the Terms and Conditions then the Hirer shall pay Itchenor Boat Hire a reasonable fee for such extra work.
  • If, due to unforeseen circumstances, the chosen boat should not be available an alternative or a full refund will be offered.
  • A charge will be made for any damage or breakages to the boat or equipment or any lifejacket or for any gas cylinder discharged for other than safety or emergency reasons.
  • Charges are subject to review without notice.


  • Owner: The person or business letting the boat for hire
  • Hirer: The person who takes the boat on charter for an agreed sum within an agreed time and is responsible for operating the boat during such time
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